Wednesday, 23 July 2014


i was photographing with annika couple of weeks ago and I really like these pics! all though in the last pics the fish eye wasn't the best lens for showing off the mist.. but not to worry, we are planning to go photographing again this weekend, around the time for a sunrise 8) ain't nobody got time to use matching socks
i was joking with annika about how so many ppl at our age are probably getting drunk or partying somewhere at that time, on a saturday night at 1am, and we are hanging out with sheep instead :DD but it was really amazing taking pictures in that nightless night and the silence.. more moments like that one pls.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

buys from berlin and prague

Let's start with the ones from Berlin:

jeans forever 21, t-shirt primark

tote bag mauerpark, top pimkie, t-shirt new yorker

beanie new yorker, book urban outfitters

and next the the things i bought from Prague (thank you Tiia for taking these pics ;)):
dress pimkie (i was so happy when i found this for 12€, i've been in love with this flower pattern for a long time), shoes new yorker (thank you andrea for persuading me to buy these..:D). I also bought another black dress but I don't have any pictures of it, yet.

I hope these will be my last buys for a while, since I'm determined to save money for a camera (if you read the last post you'll know why :'D). Till then I'll keep shooting with my sister's digital camera and also her Canon DSLR (i can't remember the model but it's even better than my pentax was, so there won't be a total decrease with the quality of the pictures here in my blog 8)), such nice sister I must admit.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Prague con Andrea 15.7.-18.7.

Since I didn't have much time to write about Berlin, I want to tell you more about our trip to Prague with my Italian friend Andrea (here's a post of our last meeting) ;)

On the first day after our flights had landed we headed to the hotel (by the help of one unknown and polite guy who guided us there), and after resting a bit (i didn't sleep at all the night before..) we started heading towards the castle of Prague! near that place, my camera happened to break all by itself :''') at that moment i didn't care about it that much though, since I still had my sister's digital camera with me, and I was just happy to be in a such beautiful place with such amazing company. After walking uphill to the castle we were so tired that we headed back to hotel early and had a 10-hour sleep :D

On the second day after having breakfast at the hotel we did a bus tour around Prague, and then walked around the beautiful old town. After taking a break at the hotel we headed for dinner and drinks in the evening.

The third day we made a trip to Petrin hill, then headed to the cinemas to watch the fault in our stars (really liked it!) after getting frustrated and rushing to McDonald's since we were in a hurry and we couldn't find the sushi place (which turned out to be right next to the cinema.. :D). Then we did some shopping (more about that coming later) and dressed up a bit fancier for our last night. We went to have sushi and then walked around the Vltava river before returning to the hotel and packing our things..

On the fourth day we had breakfast at the hotel and then we took the tram, metro and bus to reach the airport :D then came the part i hate, goodbyes.. My flight left seven hours later than Andrea's so after the tragic goodbyes I went back to the center to visit some shops (I found the perfect dress which I'll show later :')). Later I returned to the airport and finally 2:30am the next day I was back home.

Prague was so amazing, and this was one of the best trips I've ever experienced :') All though to be fair, I think the awesomeness of the trip had more to do with the person I was with, than the place (and I'm sure any experience with this Italian friend of mine is a memorable one), dunque grazie ancora di tutto, Antrrrea ♥