Thursday, 31 July 2014

with my sister

i got the shirt from my grandma on monday, it used to belong to her sister. i combined it with forever21-jeans and a beanie from new yorker + shoes from dinsko.

i curled my sister's hair and let her borrow my black lipstick :D ain't she beautiful or what?

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


i was photographing with annika couple of weeks ago and I really like these pics! all though in the last pics the fish eye wasn't the best lens for showing off the mist.. but not to worry, we are planning to go photographing again this weekend, around the time for a sunrise 8) ain't nobody got time to use matching socks
i was joking with annika about how so many ppl at our age are probably getting drunk or partying somewhere at that time, on a saturday night at 1am, and we are hanging out with sheep instead :DD but it was really amazing taking pictures in that nightless night and the silence.. more moments like that one pls.