Monday, 1 June 2015

long time no see

Happy June everyone! Apparently it has been over three months since i last posted, oops :D I feel like many things have happened, and at the same time like nothing much happened since I've basically been studying ever since January to last week; first for the matriculation examinations and after that for the uni entrance exam. I'll write a quick summary of these past three months at the end of this post, but first, let me take a selfie some pictures:

During these past three months, I have..

..passed my matriculation examinations.
.. reached a decision of where to apply for next year.
.. studied and avoided studying.
.. made two trips to Helsinki, two trips to Turku and one trip to Tampere :''D
.. gotten a new camera, which I am - needless to say - very happy about.
.. celebrated May day with my friends and Easter with family friends.
.. struggled with the search of a dress for my graduation.
.. taken my entrance exams (and now i'll have to wait for the results until July, ugh).
.. graduated from upper secondary school and had a great day celebrating it with friends and relatives 
.. all in all, been very happy! I feel like it has been one of the best periods in my life, which is weird because it has mostly consisted just studying. I guess it's because of the freedom of not being at school anymore and not being surrounded by the same people every day #introvert :D

That's all that comes to my mind for now! Today is my first official day of summer vacation, and it's probably the first time that I haven't really thought about summer as much as the next fall. The thing I'm looking forward the most atm is hearing the results of the entrance exam, even though I try my best not to think about it :D Anyway, I think it's gonna be a great summer filled with friends, work, relaxing and hopefully with some traveling and music festivals. Hope you will all have a great one too!

Monday, 5 January 2015


I bought two chokers and the scarf from gina tricot and that skirt from h&m one week ago, and yesterday I finally bought myself some cactuses 8) i already gave them names.