Monday, 5 January 2015


I bought two chokers and the scarf from gina tricot and that skirt from h&m one week ago, and yesterday I finally bought myself some cactuses 8) i already gave them names.

Saturday, 3 January 2015


we went bowling and to a restaurant on tiia's birthday, i studied for the exam week and felt stressed. All this information i got from my old blog posts, i don't really remember anything of this month :D

so many things happened: i danced my senior ball on valentine's day and had awesome after-party later that evening, turned 18 and got my driver's licence, and travelled to Malaga with my family. The trip was great apart from me getting some kind of food poisoning and throwing up all night :DD

spring was clearly coming and it made me happy, i bought many little (and kinda useless) things, and went to an ice hockey match with jari

I spent my easter with family friends and we had the first BBQ for the year. It was a good month but I can't remember anything else specific :D

I celebrated the first of may with my friends, traveled to Rome with my class, finished my school year and finally met Andrea after 22 long months since the last time we met. I think may is my second favorite month of the year 2014 8)

I worked in an elderly home for two weeks, spent midsummer with family friends, and we had our friends from England over at our place for a week. I also dyed the ends of my hair purple (which soon turned into pink and didn't last long :D).

I was at Ruisrock festival with Annika and travelled from there to my cousin's confirmation and from there to Berlin with my family. I enjoyed the bright summer nights with friends (and sheep, apparently) and travelled to Prague with Andrea. At the end of the month I also started studying for autumn's matriculation examination. July is my definite favourite month from the year 2014!

I worked at a 18th century fair for a few days, my last year of high school started and i had a very good first day of school which ended with me,emmi and iida running for our lives and abusing iida's bag because of bees :) At the end of the month I travelled to Tampere with my family to spend a weekend with my relatives and it was a really good trip.

We had family friends over for a grab party, i studied health education for the matriculation examination which was on the 15th day, and I celebrated Annika's birthday.

 I was in Barcelona for a week with my family, my sister's boyfriend and Andrea, and it was da best. Other than that, I have no idea what I did in October :D except that it got darker outside each day and that wasn't nice.

I started the month at the cottage with my friends, celebrated father's day, it snowed and Softengine performed at our school. I got the final results from matriculation examination (what is that word seriously?) and I was really satisfied with it.

I travelled to UmeƄ with my Swedish class group, and tried to give up on coffee but that proved to be pretty impossible at this time of the year. I celebrated Emmi's birthday in Vaasa and spent a really good christmas at home with relatives.

I wish I wasn't so tired so I could write more about last year than just a few sentences. I remember that at the end of 2013 I thought "this surely wasn't the best year of my life", and compared to that year 2014 was so much better. And even without that comparison I can easily say that year 2014 was pretty amazing. I got to travel abroad 6 times, I spent a lot of time and many nights with my friends, experienced many things for the first time, became better friends with some people, got to see Andrea three whole times, and (hopefully) I also gained more confidence and self-awareness.

This year I hope to find out what I want do in the future, and hopefully I'll also be determined enough to work for it (aka less lazyassness for this year). I also know there will be many changes this year so let's hope they'll be mostly good ones! And if not, i hope they teach me something valuable.

And also, I want to own a cactus and my very own Furby this year.