Friday, 29 August 2014

at my grandparents

these pics are from last weekend when we were celebrating my grandpa's 85th birthday :) now i should go packing cause i'm heading to tampere today, bye!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


came home from school running cause it was raining and i didn't have anything long-sleeved with me

Saturday, 16 August 2014

first week of school

after the first day of school when we decided to have a nice relaxing moment by the river with emmi&iida, but got attacked by bees. so we started heading towards my home and it took us twice as long to get there than normally, cause we had to run away from the bees to different directions and emmi had to leave her bike behind at times and ruuuuun for her life and then go and get it back :DDDDD we are pathetic yes.

eating in pancho villa with 5 of my best friends! it was so fun, idk the last time i had laughed so much and ofc the always-so-delicious bacon burger never lets me down♥
spaghetti bolognese and feta salad à la me! :Q___ (anyone else noticing how food starts to have a bigger meaning in my life immediately when school starts again...?)
today i've tried to study for health education's matriculation examination, which i will have in less than a month.... in the next picture you see my fake smile while all i want to do is to bang my head against a wall and cry, ehehehe.

the calculation of this week's clumsy accidents:

  • i sat on my bed for a long time and when i got up my leg was suddenly numb and it didn't carry my weight, so i fell down on my stomach on the floor. gladly i had a fatass padding to protect me :)
  • i had just gotten myself a nice dish of spaghetti bolognese, and while carrying my plate from kitchen to the living room i was listening to music and dancing and also for some unknown and awkward reason i was crossing my eyes and making stupid faces (yes i must have looked super attractive, as always), so i couldn't really see what's ahead of me and i hit a wall and half of the spaghetti flew off from the plate and landed on the floor :'c
btw i finally got a spotify (i'm a bit late yes..) and aaah i'm in love